Marketing Plan

Our marketing plan is simple; provide an excellent service to a small market, and grow exponentially as the word spreads that CertifiedsOnly, LLC provides a reliable service – one that can save the day, and sometimes even a life.

Interpreters and requesters of their services have always provided the most effective advertising for our administrative services. By demonstrating integrity through our screening, referral, billing and reporting services, we have done little to promote our administrative services in order to become a mainstay among Interpreter Services referral agencies.

While we appreciate this kind of growth, our primary goal is to focus on the quality of the services that we offer our community.

Keeping in Touch

We enjoy a unique perspective, working alongside those who reach out for interpreter services to access a network of highly-skilled linguists across the nation. As such, we will communicate with interpreters on behalf of clients who wish to update interpreters of any issue that may arise during the interpretation service itself. We are listening.

CertifiedsOnly, LLC does not have a means to be a “fly on the wall” during any interpretation (representing a potential breach of HIPAA rules), but will happily pass on needed information between clients and interpreters, as a group, or as individuals in order to consistently improve on the quality of services reaching the end user.