Trustworthy Track Record

Certifieds Only, LLC is operated by interpreter services referral agency professionals that have over twenty-two years of experience serving government, medical, social services agencies, school districts, courts and government agencies with a broad range of administrative support expertise for interpreter screening, referral and comprehensive referral and billing capabilities.

Both interpreters and requestors of their services have encouraged us to take this step forward into remote, telephonic, nationwide interpreter referral services. We are listening to the needs in your community.

Setting Industry Standards

In an effort to find it’s niche, CertifiedsOnly, LLC intends to bring together only certified, qualified, licensed, credentialed and otherwise government-authorized interpreters from all areas of expertise into one comprehensive networking system. 

CertifiedsOnly decidedly provides a resource whereby government-funded programs and private businesses across the nation can trust that a phone call or video remote interpretation will be superior to current resources for three reasons:

  • Firstly, all of the interpreters in our system have proven credentials. CertifiedsOnly, LLC will not rely on its own internal interview, but rather on a variety of state, local and nationally-recognized interpreter credentialing bodies. To maximize our support level, we honor reciprocity over which many government entities may deliberate for months or even years. We are listening!
  • Secondly, because all of CertifiedsOnly, LLC-authorized interpreters are within the United States, their agreement to HIPAA laws are binding, unlike many globally-positioned OPI resources that utilize agreements that they would be hard-pressed to enforce if a breach occurred abroad.
  • Finally, before launching its own telephonic network, CertifiedsOnly, LLC has first sought to identify key problems in the industry and eliminate them before promoting our services to others. We are listening. Significantly, CertifiedsOnly, LLC  strives to eliminate the all too familiar “can-you-hear-me-now?” experience, especially among languages of greater diffusion.