What Makes CertifiedsOnly Special?

CertifiedsOnly has one mission – to meet telephonic and often urgent spoken language interpreting needs with the highest quality HIPAA-compliant administrative telephonic interpreter referral service available in the United States.

When you must rely on telephonic interpreting for clear understanding, most service requestors need to know that the interpreter who is taking their call is not simply “winging it”. They expect that the interpreter receiving the call is a trained, qualified interpreter who understands the Interpreter’s Code of Ethics. CertifiedsOnly specializes in filling this need within your community, and across the nation.

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee to you is to assure you that every interpreter that becomes an authorized user of the CertifiedsOnly referral network is screened by a recognized, impartial, locally or nationally-recognized organization. These credentialing bodies include, but are not limited to:

  • ATA Certification
  • State Court Certification
  • Federal Court Certification
  •          State Court Licensing Programs         
  • US Medical Interpreter Credentialing
  • National Certification for Medical Interpreters
  • Washington State LTC Medical Certification and Qualification
  •  Washington State LTC Social Services Certification and Qualification